The Valley Ventures accelerator program is now accepting applications for its sixth cohort (VV6) in fall 2021. Each year, Fresno State’s Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center and the BlueTechValley (BTV) Innovation Cluster offer an opportunity for up to 10 ventures to participate in the accelerator, this year incorporating a new addition to the program—Valley Ventures advisory services. The fall 2021 cohort of the Valley Ventures accelerator will provide water, clean energy, and agricultural technology ventures opportunities to advance commercialization and business development in California and beyond.

Sixty alumni of the Valley Ventures program have raised a total of $40M in private and public funding and have generated over $35M in sales since the program’s inception in 2017. WET Center staff will guide teams through the accelerator and advisory services programs with a focus on minimizing risk and maximizing impact both financially and for our communities. 

Ventures located in California, or those planning to commercialize and develop businesses in California, that provide technological solutions in water, clean energy and agriculture, are encouraged to apply. To apply for the Valley Ventures sixth cohort, click the below button to begin your application. 

Applications will be accepted through July 18, 2021. Selected ventures will be notified by August 12, 2021. The program will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021, and end Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. **

**There is no charge to apply to VV6. Selected ventures do not receive funding. The Water, Energy, and Technology (WET) Center do not take equity, however, we ask for an upfront fee of $1,500 per venture with $500 as a refundable deposit upon successful completion of the two-month accelerator that will combine in-person meetings in Fresno, California with virtual sessions. Each venture would be responsible for travel plans and costs to Fresno, California for in-person meetings this fall.**

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