Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research Impact and Stakeholder Engagement Session

Dr. Bassel Daher and Dr. Rabi H. Mohtar from WEF Nexus Africa team will lead the session “Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research Impact and Stakeholder Engagement” at the International Conference for Sustainable Development 2021.

Detailed description of the session

What is happening in our world at this very moment, as we face a historic global pandemic, is a bold example of the complex and interconnected challenges we must expect to address as we move toward implementing the 2030 agenda. With trends of the growing global population, growing urbanization, and climate change impacts, the tightly interconnected water, energy, and food systems are facing further pressures. Addressing such challenges requires the development of research that cuts across disciplinary boundaries and integrates knowledge, tools, and methodologies from different disciplines including engineering, life and health sciences, and physical, economic, social, and behavioral sciences. It also requires the active participation and engagement of multiple stakeholders from government, industry, private, and public sectors. This session focuses on unlocking new potential for addressing interconnected water-energy-food resource challenges through bridging research with innovative methods for stakeholder engagement.