Job Opportunity// Consultant for Off-Grid Energy Sector in Uganda

Nefco, as the Facility Manager for BGFA, intends to contract a qualified organisation or a consortium of organisations (“Consultant”) for organisation and provision of training courses in Uganda in order to develop participants’ technical, sales and business skills within the area of solar home systems and mini-grids with the ultimate goal to support the creation of local jobs and in particular women’s participation within off-grid energy sector.

During 2022, Nefco expect to enter into contracts with up to 11 Energy Service Providers (“ESPs”) in Uganda as recipients of results-based financing from the Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa to incentivise them to accelerate the provision of off-grid energy services. The training will be offered to participants through these ESPs and potentially also other companies and individuals in the Ugandan off grid sector (“Assignment”).

The Assignment will as such form part of the Danish and Swedish financed activities undertaken under the BGFA’s Uganda window. Further information on the BGFA is available at

The Assignment is expected to be split into two components:

  • The first component will relate to standalone solar home systems, and include both technical (e.g. installation and maintenance) as well as sales and business skills training.
  • The second component will be focused on technical training skills related to the developing mini-grid sector in Uganda. The training courses may differ in length and required expertise, and must be tailored to each participating ESP’s or other entities’ needs. It is expected that the total number of participants in the courses will be minimum 300 end-beneficiaries (trainees).

Assignment start date and duration: The Assignment is expected to start in Q2, 2022 and last for up to 18-24 months.

Maximum budget available for the Assignment: Up to EUR 600,000 (exclusive of VAT), split across both components.

Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions on the nationality of the Consultant.

Apply by 27 January 2022 by sending us your Expression of Interest!

For more information kindly download the Expression of Interest documentation and the Q&A document published on 13 January 2022

The announcement is taken from BGFA website.