IRAQ Call For Innovations Goals


Submit your application by October 6th, 2021 at 5:00PM Iraqi time!


Iraq is facing many challenges to sustainable resource management. Insufficient food production capacity and limited water and energy resources pose serious threats to Iraq’s stability and prosperity. Outdated and unsustainable farming practices, climate change, a reliance on energy and food imports, and ongoing conflict make it increasingly difficult for Iraq to meet the growing demands of its citizens in terms of food, energy, and water. Supporting local innovations in the water-energy-food nexus offer opportunities for tackling these challenges in a sustainable manner, contributing to greater prosperity, stability, and food security for the people of Iraq.

WE4F aims to :

  • Increase food production and decrease the reliance on import and harmful practices along the value chain of the Iraqi agricultural sector through a more sustainable and efficient usage of water and/or energy.
  • Increase income for poor women and men in both rural and urban areas all over the country who are consumers or work in farming.
  • Sustainably scale innovators’ solutions to meet the challenges in the WE4F nexus.
  • Promote climate and environmental resilience and biodiversity through the sustainable, holistic management of Iraq’s natural resources and ecosystems

Applicants should retain a copy of their proposals and accompanying uploaded documents for their records.

QUESTIONS:  Prospective Applicants who have questions concerning the contents of this Call for Innovations  shall submit them in writing no later than September 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm CET  through email

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