Wandiga, Cecilia

Wandiga, Cecilia
Position: Trustee Board Member & Technology Transfer Officer
Affiliation: Centre for Science and Technology Innovations (CSTI)
Address: P.O. Box 42792 Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 735 200458
Mobile: +254 714 938215
Skype: CWPittsburgh

Cecilia Wandiga is focused on developing the organization’s Sustainable Business Strategy and Circular Economy Innovation programming.  Ms Wandiga uses her background in public policy, business management and strategy and innovation to facilitate social change through the cross-pollination of biotechnology and sustainable industrial manufacturing (industrial ecology).  She enjoys promoting Circular Bio-Economy practices as a strategy for sustainable economic development. Her research on Water-Energy-Food systems is focused on Future-Fit business models for industrial scaling of culturally situated design tools with emphasis on the use of online platforms for collaboration, data analysis, and, inclusive applied solutions that improve healthy chemicals and ecosystems.