Nukpezah, Daniel

Nukpezah, Daniel
Research Fellow, Environmental Scientist
Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), University of Ghana
No. 1 Annie Jiagge Road, P.O Box LG 209, University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana

Dr. Daniel Nukpezah is an Environmental Scientist with expertise in monitoring biological and physico-chemical indicators of pollution in water, environmental risk assessment and management as well as environmental governance and policy issues. He holds degrees from the University of Ghana (B.Sc Hons., M.Phil), Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden (MBA) and Brandenburg Technical University of Germany (M.Sc., PhD). He is a recent recipient of the University of Ghana Research Fund Grant for studies on “Understanding stratification effects on sediment nutrient release and internal nutrient loading in the Kpong Headpond of Ghana”. He has experience working as a consultant for such international and national bodies as the German Technical Cooperation, Particip GMBH, the World Agroforestry Centre, the Rights and Resources Rights Group (RRG), Centre for African Wetlands (CAW), Water Resources Commission (WRC), Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana, Ministry of Finance of Ghana and GRID-Arendal of Norway. He is currently a Research Fellow at the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), University of Ghana where he also teaches courses in Water Resources Management, Limnology, Sanitation Financing, Environmental Law and Environmental Management.