Kodio, Amaga Doguélou

Kodio, Amaga Doguélou
Chief Fisheries Resources Program
Regional Center for Agronomic Research/Institute of Economy (IER)
Regional Center for Agronomic Research, BP 205 Mopti, Rép. du Mali
(+223) 21 43 03 57
(+223) 7633 65 40 / (+223) 6956 44 77

Biologist by training, I was, from October 1983 to September 1991, a high school professor of Biological Sciences before starting in mid-September 1991, post-graduate studies in Applied Natural Sciences and Eco-Development (3rd Cycle) at the Unversity of Liège (Belgium). Since May 2011, I have a PhD degree from the Higher Institute of Training and Applied Research (ISFRA) / University of Bamako, in Natural Resource Management, Option: Environment, Specialty: Fisheries and Aquaculture. Currently, I lead the team of the Fisheries Resources Program, Leader Program of the Regional Center for Agronomic Research of Mopti / Institute of Rural Economy (IER) / Mali.