Katani, Robab

Katani, Robab
Assistant Research Professor of Global Health
The Pennsylvania State University
204 Wartik La, University Park

Robab Katani, PhD, is an Assistant Research Professor of Global Health at the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, at Pennsylvania State University. Her research focuses on global health security, infectious diseases, and host-pathogen dynamics. She also has interest and expertise in enhancement of capabilities in the Low- and Middle-Income Countries, including Tanzania and India. Dr. Katani is a molecular biologist by training and has extensive experiences in the establishment and standardization of infectious disease diagnosis research labs, and international project management experiences working with a diverse group of researchers and collaborators. She has a vast knowledge and experiences on microbial genome sequencing and translational genomics-based approaches in detection and surveillance of important zoonotic pathogens including anthrax, Brucella, and Coxiella in Tanzania and anthrax in India. For the past four years, she has been involved with the Bushmeat Biosecurity Research Project and her focus has been on identification of prevalence of select agents in the bushmeat samples collected in Tanzania in a BTRP-DTRA funded project, titled “Global Health, Emerging Infectious Diseases, And Food Safety Implications of Bushmeat Consumption in Tanzania” and is currently leading a Brucella biosurveillance and prevalnce project in Tanzania and Rwanda.