Imamu, Mudessir Temam

Imamu, Mudessir Temam
Social Safeguard Specialist
Sarbet City, Addis Ababa
Mudessir Imamu

Mudessir  Temam is a professional Environment  and  Social  Safeguard  Specialist with experience of 16+ year  in field  of  road and transport improvement Infrastructure, Emergency Response, Pastoral area, Sustainable Land Management/watershed, Irrigation projects and  different factories in Pharmaceutical, Plastic, tannery, Textile, flower, Home appliance and etc. He had been working as road project studies from identification, feasibility study, environment impact assessments (EIA), prioritization, and selection and giving comment on design of project including developing training manuals, RAP, ESIA and participating on the review of road sector development strategy, road design review and etc.Currently, he is  working as Social Safeguard Specialist (Individual Consultant) in TRANSIP – Projects which is financed  by World Bank from 14 Feb. 2020  -  till now. Moreover within his life span, he also working different position including:- as program Officer, Senior Project Officer (CDSP), Regional Environmental & Social Safeguard Specialist (Individual Consultant), monitoring on use, Protection of  Forest & Wild life Expert, terrestrial ecology expert, cadastral surveying expert, Soil & Water Conservation Expert, Geographic Information System (GIS)/Remote Sensing/Expert and  Soil Survey Expert. Above all, his work experience in social, economic and development areas where I have achieved a lot of encouraging results and performances that initiated me to further investigate these areas. Moreover, he is a great desire in helping to flourish and mobilize communities; and bringing institutional change where critical development questions could be answered by the community itself. Finally Mr. Mudessir working with financer-organization like World Bank, USAID, UNICEF, EU and WFP for project that engaged with them.