Duiker, Sjoerd W.

Duiker, Sjoerd W.
Professor (Soil Management and Applied Soil Physics)
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Plant Science
408 ASI Building, University Park, PA 16802 USA
+1 (814) 8637637
+1 (814) 4042605

Dr. Duiker has a PhD in Soil Science from the Ohio State University and an M.S. in Tropical Crop Science from Wageningen Agricultural University (Netherlands). He started at Penn State in 2000 where he worked his way to Full Professor in Soil Management and Applied Soil Physics in 2018. His research and extension program has centered on developing Conservation Agriculture Systems (CAS) in the USA and elsewhere. Among other things, he has investigated mulching and tillage effects on carbon sequestration, erodibility of soils in Mississippi, Iran and Spain, living leguminous mulches in corn, cover crop species evaluation, rye and hairy vetch management, tillage effects on soil fertility, carbon sequestration potential of afforestation of marginal land, soil compaction in conservation agriculture, water use efficiency in crop production, and soil management effects on gene expression in corn. He has extensive experience in Africa, including working on weed management at ICRISAT in Niger, with youth in Kenya and Uganda since 2009 on haymaking as a custom business, teaching at the International Workshop on Soil Physical Process in West Africa (June 2011) in Zaria, Nigeria, and more. His research and extension program on CAS in Pennsylvania contributed to the increase in no-till from 20% of planted acres in 2000 to 66% in 2014.