Symposium on the Food-Water-Energy Nexus at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences

A CityGML based shared urban platform development to maximize synergies in the food, water, and energy sectors is the focus of the FWE IN-SOURCE project. Coordinated at the HFT Stuttgart, teams in Vienna, New York City, and Stuttgart work jointly on technological and socioeconomic research questions. In this final event, the project team would like […]

UN Food Systems Summit

The UN Food Systems Summit has confirmed that the Summit will take place on Thursday, September 23, 2021. The event will be held during the UN General Assembly in New York and will take the form of a virtual event. The Summit will follow the three-day Pre-Summit gathering in Rome last week (July 26-28), during which Amina […]

2021 Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus Science Advances Conference

Delivery type: Online from Nicosia (Cyprus) Background: Living within the budget of Nature requires reviewing the supply chains that nourish Mediterranean societies and economies. Yet, such a transformation of the rules of the game is still far from commonly accepted, especially when the proposed changes impinge on people’s lifestyle and challenge the current economic models. […]

Agricultural Research for Development (Agri4D) Conference 2021

Join us for three days of dynamic conversations at the virtual Agri4D conference 2021 to advance agriculture research for development. Every two years, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative (SIANI) bring together researchers and professionals dedicated to agriculture research for develop­ment in the Agri4D conference. With the […]

6th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference

The Energy and Resources Institute will co-host the Adaptation Futures 2020 with the World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP) in Delhi from 4 - 8 October 2021. It is the sixth in the Adaptation Futures international conference series on global adaptation and the first to be held in Asia. Adaptation Futures is the flagship event of the […]

2021 UNC Water And Health Conference: Science, Policy, And Practice

The 2021 UNC Water and Health Conference: Science, Policy, and Practice will be held October 4 – 8, 2021 virtually from the comfort of your home or office. The Conference will explore drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene, and water resources in both developing and developed countries with a strong public health emphasis. Click here to […]

Cooperation across borders and sectors: Regional experiences of WEF Nexus institutionalization and governance

The second session of the 2nd Round of Webinar on Water-Energy-Food Nexus SOLUTIONS focuses on NEXUS governance. This session will give insights into the successful mainstreaming of the water, energy and food security Nexus approach into governance structures. It will present different approaches for WEF Nexus transboundary cooperation and governance from three different regions: Southern […]

FutureDAMS Webinar: Nexus Planning for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Tuesday 19 October 2020, 15:00 – 16:00 UK  This is an invitation to the second in FutureDAMS’ four-part keynote webinar series, ‘Integrating water-energy-food-environment planning for climate adaptation and resilience’, taking place online next Tuesday. Research Director Professor Julien Harou will be presenting the FutureDAMS toolset for linked water-energy system planning, followed by a panel discussion […]

Leapfrogging or treading water? Utilities picking up the pace at the water-energy-food nexus

This session will look at examples of the ‘circular economy’ paradigm being adopted by water and sanitation operators in different contexts. Worldwide water operators have been implementing wastewater reclamation. A host of technological options from “high” to “low” tech and centralized to decentralized technologies exists, but most are yet to be tested. Still, a host of technical, […]